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We are retiring Reese's from our breeding program and looking for a forever retirement home for her. She is 5 years old, does well in a fenced yard. Should transition inside with supervision and some training. Loved to retrieve. She does well with males (larger breeds, would not recommend small breeds). Does not do well with females. She is super sweet and would love to be your companion. She will need to be spayed in 1-2 months.

River is 5 years old, he is black with chocolate factored but not yellow. His hips and elbows are excellent/normal, he is DNA clear of CNM, EIC, PRA and D-locus. He is a carrier of CT and would need to be bred to a CT clear female. He has a great temperament and has produced some nice puppies and produces large litters.




Zeppelin is 6 years old, she is an alpha female with other females but good with males so recommend a home with no dogs or another male. Has lots of energy so would be better with older children and adults. Outdoor dog, she might transition indoors with work and supervision.

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